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Biodegradable Golf Tee - Made from organic fertilizer introduced in Orlando

Los Angeles, CA: October 2000 -

The new "Fertile-Tee" is now on the market, available through California Company "Marshall Enterprises". Most golfers have heard about the biodegradable and organic golf tees. The idea was wonderful, but the execution was flawed because they took up to nine months or more to fully decompose.
At the trade show in Orlando in February 2000 and in New Orleans, the new fertile tee was introduced to the Golf Industry and received with tremendous enthusiasm. Unlike its predecessors, the "Fertile-Tee" is shaped like a conventional tee but is made from organic fertilizer. It breaks easier than a wooden tee, which turned out to be one of its greatest benefits. Not only is it environmentally friendly but it also increases the club flow. Conventional golf tees increase drag and resistance when struck while the "Fertile-Tee" shatters on impact and adds momentum to the swing.
Groundskeepers love them because they no longer have to scour the tee box for broken wooden tees before mowing. Fertile-Tees disintegrates when contacted by the mower blades and dissipates within 5 hours. That is, if the sprinklers haven't already caused them to dissolve.
The Fertile Tee has been in development since 1994 and has been tested at Pebble Beach and numerous other top golf courses. Presently, the company is in negotiations with a number of the top 10 golf courses offering them the opportunity to be the first "green" golf course in America. Not surprisingly the response has been overwhelming and golf courses are considering the Fertile Tee as a course requirement, much like the move to soft-spiked shoes.
Marshall Enterprises is the creator and manufacturer of the patented "Fertile-Tee". The principals say that this product's success has exceeded all expectations. "Companies have been approaching us to license the tee while we are just going through the process of launching the product. We have a sales office and warehouse set up in Los Angeles for distribution of the Fertile-Tee and other inventions. We are not sure at this point if we would like to license the tee. We have been approached with several other proposals but for now we are focusing primarily on marketing and distribution."
The Fertile Tee is sold in bags containing 25 tees or in bulk quantities and is exclusively available through fertiletee.com.

If you would like to get more information about the Fertile Tee please call CALL: 800-349-6070 x 20 or e-mail us